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Added tox.ini
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Added tag 5.1.0 for changeset e27e0832a522
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Update changelog, removing extra header material, setting release for 5.1.0.
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Adding contributing guidelines.
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Fixed setup.py for the restsrv -> process change, plus fixed a couple svn props.
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Update readme
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Define setup.cfg to indicate that sdists should be .tar.gz (as suggested by make-sdist)
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No longer build windows installers
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We can't generate a single wheel distribution for Python 2 and 3 because we can't bundle the wsgiserver for both distributions at the same time. This would indeed break at install time
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Bumped to 5.1.0 in preparation for next release.
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Test under 3.4 and 3.5
  • To install, change to the directory where setup.py is located and type (Python 2.6 or later needed):

    python setup.py install

  • To learn how to use it, look at the examples under cherrypy/tutorial/ or go to http://www.cherrypy.org for more info.

  • To run the regression tests, just go to the cherrypy/test/ directory and type:

    nosetests -s ./

    Or to run individual tests type:

    nosetests -s test_foo.py