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Joel Rivera  committed 1f52bb6

Fix two mistakes of the python3 updates.

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File CodernityDB/database_safe_shared.py

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         def next(self):
             with self.lock:
-                return self.__gen.next.next()
+                return self.__gen.next()
     def wrapper(method, index_name, meth_name, l=None):
     def create(self, *args, **kwargs):
         with self.close_open_lock:
             res = super(SafeDatabase, self).create(*args, **kwargs)
-            for name in six.iterkeys(self.indexes_names.iterkeys):
+            for name in six.iterkeys(self.indexes_names):
                 self.indexes_locks[name] = cdb_environment['rlock_obj']()
             return res