missing-xml for Davical-Server (seems since 1.0.0)

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Hello, I use the Davical-Server for a lot of calendars. Currently I'm running 1.0.2. for the server and 0.1.11 for your lib. Since the last Update from Ubuntu, it is not possible to run "event.load()" in your lib, the Davical-Server returns "missing-xml". In the Changelog of the Server, there is also a point for 1.0.0: "Catch missing-xml in request separately from invalid-xml." For "event.load()" I fixed it by adding the following to caldav/davclient.py to line 159:

if not body: body = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?><dummy></dummy>'

Davical checks it in "inc/CalDAVRequest.php" from line 520

Notice, there are also "missing-xml" Responses in file "inc/caldav-MKTICKET.php" and "inc/caldav-LOCK.php" of davical. I use only reading so far - didn't checked it.


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