event.url is not updated when changing parent

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Jurij Sikorsky
created an issue

Hi Cyril,

I'm synchronizing two calendars using caldav. After upgrading caldav from 0.1.4 to 0.1.12 recently, it stopped working. What I basically do is:

  • fetch event from one calendar

  • change event.parent to other calendar

  • event.save()

Now I get Server error from PUT request.

After some examination I found that url of the PUT request remains still the same, even after changing parent calendar. URL used is taken from event.url, which is not changed. It comes from objects.py, line 430.

So I had to do one more step to make it work:

  • "del event.url" before "event.save()"

(I'm not really sure if it will not break something later, but it seems to work now)

Now it works fine, but I believe the event shoudn't behave this way.



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  1. Jurij Sikorsky reporter

    (Reply via juri...@gmail.com):

    No, it's still in place.

    I got redirect initially when I was creating brand new event and I had to solve it somehow. This is different issue - I got HTTP 500 (because I had only read-only access to source calendar) and after deleting event.url I get HTTP 302 and 201 afterwards. - bericht [07/Nov/2012:16:36:49 +0100] "PUT /dav/bericht/SA-HPC_SLA_podpora-2010_090/f24dbcd8-28f0-11e2-978e-0024d714f78c.ics HTTP/1.1" 302 0 "-" "Mozilla/5.0" - bericht [07/Nov/2012:16:36:49 +0100] "PUT https://mail.e-sys.cz/dav/bericht@e-sys.cz/SA-HPC_SLA_podpora-2010_090/3b1b9551-b241-422d-a980-a1927c02c408.icsHTTP/1.1" 201 0 "-" "Mozilla/5.0"


    2012/11/7 Cyril R issues-reply@bitbucket.org

  2. Tobias Brox

    Not sure if this is still relevant or not in 0.2.1 nor HEAD ...?

    I do have a project in the pipeline that involves copying calendar events happening outside core business hours from my job calendar to my private calendar, and vice versa with private events colliding with the business day - so I will revisit this one when I'm working on that.

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