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D2D Software / Installation


The software can be downloaded from the box on the right hand side of the overview webpage. Afterwards add the code folder /arFramework3 to your MATLAB search path.

Further topics:

System requirements

  • MATLAB (best R2010 or newer)
  • MATLAB Symbolic Toolbox
  • MATLAB Optimization Toolbox
  • Optional: MATLAB Statistics Toolbox
  • Optional: MATLAB Distributed Computing Toolbox

Take care to setup your MATLAB mex compiler correctly. Under Linux you might need to install g++-multilib via Synaptic. If you are tired of the warning about an unsupported gcc version you can suppress them as shown here: Note that in newer MATLAB versions the warning code is located in mbuild and mexsh opposed to

The parallelization uses the pthread package.

  • For Unix type operating system, for instance Linux or Mac OS X, the pthread package is usally installed an can be used immediately.

  • On Windows systems the pthread-w32 package can be installed. Two addition .dll files need to be placed in the C:\Windows\ folder: pthreadGC2.dll and pthreadVC2.dll. The files can be found in the code subfolder arFramework3\pthreads-w32_2.9.1\dll\ for your convenience. The arCheck.m function will notify you when these files are not available and will disable multi-threading.

Using the SourceTree software

The source code of our community based software is stored on a Mercurial server on BitBucket ssh:// and can be reached via SSH. We recommend to use the freely available SourceTree (Mac & Windows) or TortoiseHG (Linux) software for managing the repository and for contribution to the software.

The initial steps to fetch the D2D software repository are

  1. Install SourceTree
  2. Set user name and email
  3. Click in "add repository" button in the upper left conner of the window
  4. Source URL: ssh:// or without the use of a public key-chain file
  5. Destination Path: select our local path for the D2D software repository
  6. SourceTree will fetch the most recent version of the software from the server

To upload changes, open SourceTree, select the respective changes that have been automatically detected, click "commit" and "push". Please also give a informative description what you changed.

To download the most recent updates of the software from the D2D server, select the respective updates that have been automatically detected and click "pull".

Troubleshooting with installation on Mac

Installation of Matlab and the D2D software on new Mac versions might lead to technical problems. Below, you can find a series of hints that proved helpful:

  1. Installation of Xcode with "command line tools" component is required.
  2. (This step might be optional) Link the gcc command in /usr/bin/gcc to /usr/bin/gcc-4.2 using sudo ln -s /usr/bin/gcc /usr/bin/gcc-4.2
  3. (This step might be optional) For saving plots as PDF and generating reports, link the corresponding commands to /bin/, e.g.: sudo ln -s /usr/local/bin/ps2pdf /bin/ps2pdf. Repeat this for all required files.
  4. For MacOS 10.7: Edit ~/.matlab/yourmatlabversion/ The default setting for SDKROOT is wrong for recent versions of MacOS and has to be replaced with: /Applications/
  5. For MacOS 10.8 / 10.9: Make writeable using sudo chmod 755 /Applications/ Use find / Cmd+F and replace all '10.7' with '10.8' or '10.9', respectively.
  6. For R2013a: Download the patch according to your OSX version from at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions to install the patch
  7. If you encounter the following error No supported compiler or SDK was found. For options, visit, please check out this link.