Adding RC 405 Method Not Allowed.

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Just learn REST and also piston... Read from "RESTful Web Services" by Leonard R & Sam R, if the HTTP method does not apply to the resource, 405 Method Not Allowed. But doe not see that defined in 0.23.


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  1. Ming Chan

    I mapped 'api/resource/{id-1}/{id-2}/' & 'api/resource/{id-1}/ to the same resource handler.

    It can GET 'api/resource/{id-1}/{id-2}/' or 'api/resource/{id-1}/' But it can only POST to 'api/resource/{id-1}/'

    If, {id-2} it not None, I want to explicitly return HTTP 405 by using rc.

    Otherwise, I need to split the handler into two even it is handling the same type of resource.


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