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agtools / Tutorial 3 - Basic Sprites



You can build the STE example with:

> ./
> make clean; make

This will build 4 programs (tutor3a-tutor3d.prg) which should execute consecutively from the auto folder.

These tutorial steps will introduce some 'direct' sprite functions privided by spritelib.h.

The AGT engine is designed such that drawing things directly to the screen is mostly unnecessary. There are better ways to do things for at least 80% of the cases you'll encounter. However it seems like a good idea to cover this material in early tutorials because:

  • It uses very familiar concepts for anyone who has dealt with any kind of sprites in the past
  • It helps relate those concepts with specific AGT components, which are needed in later steps.

But I'll say it again - drawing shapes directly (with explicit draw calls) is a kind of last resort. It's provided for those cases which don't 'fit' with the engine principles. Continue with the tutorials and you'll hopefully see why!


Getting Started

Basic Animation

Quantity with EMXSPR

Background Restore


Preparing Sprite Data