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Mark Lavin  committed f9719a5

Whitespace cleanup and change the stacklevel of search_field deprecation message.

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File selectable/base.py

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             if field_name:
                 data = {field_name: value}
         return self.model(**data)

File selectable/registry.py

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+import warnings
 from django.utils.encoding import force_unicode
 from selectable.base import LookupBase, ModelLookup
         if not issubclass(lookup, LookupBase):
             raise LookupInvalid(u'Registered lookups must inherit from the LookupBase class')
         if issubclass(lookup, ModelLookup) and getattr(lookup, 'search_field', None):
-            import warnings
                 u"ModelLookup.search_field is deprecated; Use ModelLookup.search_fields instead.", 
-                DeprecationWarning
+                DeprecationWarning, stacklevel=2
     def register(self, lookup):
         name = force_unicode(lookup.name())
         if name in self._registry:
             raise LookupAlreadyRegistered(u'The name %s is already registered' % name)
         self._registry[name] = lookup
     def unregister(self, lookup):
         name = force_unicode(lookup.name())
         if name not in self._registry:
            raise LookupNotRegistered(u'The name %s is not registered' % name)
         del self._registry[name]
     def get(self, key):
             import_module('%s.lookups' % app)
             registry._registry = before_import_registry
             if module_has_submodule(mod, 'lookups'):