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bitchbot 1.0.2 readme
Hi, thanks for downloading bitchbot. To use bitchbot you need
the perl interpreter installed. Really you should be looking
at the bitchbot website for this sort of information,
http://www.r1ch.net/projects/bitchbot/. There you can also find
a number of additional modules or other programs to further
enhance the featureset of bitchbot, as well as the all
important command reference.

What's new in 1.0.2
Lots. Check out that website! That'll teach you to click the
download only link from freshmeat :)

Running the bot
Take a look at the top of the bitch.pl file in your favorite
text editor. That contains a lot more detailed information on
various aspects of how to get the bot running. Also check out
the website!

(For the impatient unix-flavour users)
  vi bitch.conf.template
  mv bitch.conf.template bitch.conf
  perl bitch.pl &

(or for you Windows users...)
* Place everything in your ActivePerl 'bin' directory.

* Run notepad, open bitch.conf.template and edit it filling
  in the required information. Goto File... Save As and in
  the filename box enter "bitch.conf" WITH the quotes. Now
  your config is set up.

* Goto a command prompt (try start... run... command or
  start...run... cmd for NT/2K users). Change to the drive
  and directory with bitch.pl (eg cd \perl\bin)

* Enter 'perl bitch.pl' and press ENTER. Bot running. If
  not you broke something, reinstall everything and try

Well, I'm hoping the target audience of this bot actually know
what perl is and won't go into mIRC and try and load it as a
.mrc script (yes I've had someone try and do that). Generally
this isn't hard to get running, if you can't get it up and
running you probably shouldn't be using it anyway.


R1CH aka Richard Stanway