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Explicitly request the identity encoding as insurance against

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File pip/index.py

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 from Queue import Empty as QueueEmpty
 from pip.log import logger
 from pip.util import Inf, path_to_url2, url_to_path
-from pip.util import normalize_name, splitext
+from pip.util import normalize_name, splitext, urlopen
 from pip.exceptions import DistributionNotFound
 __all__ = ['PackageFinder']
                             return None
             logger.debug('Getting page %s' % url)
-            resp = urllib2.urlopen(url)
+            resp = urlopen(url)
             real_url = resp.geturl()
             headers = resp.info()
             inst = cls(resp.read(), real_url, headers)

File pip/util.py

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     if not cr:
         cr = (os.environ.get('LINES', 25), os.environ.get('COLUMNS', 80))
     return int(cr[1]), int(cr[0])
+# Insurance against "creative" interpretation of the RFC:
+# http://bugs.python.org/issue8732
+def urlopen(url):
+    if isinstance(url, basestring):
+        url = urllib2.Request(url, headers={'Accept-encoding':'identity'})
+    return urllib2.urlopen(url)