ottd_IS2_updaterepo / docs / obs_format.txt

; Example file for the OpenTTD Base Sound replacement sets.
; This file consists of basically two different parts:
;  * metadata
;  * information about the files
; Metadata contains information about the name and version
; of the sound set.
; == Getting started ==
; - you can't add comments after values
; - you have to fill the MD5 checksum for each file
; - you may not miss any of the metadata or files items
; - `openttd -h` lists all sound replacements sets it found to be correct
; - `openttd -d grf=1` shows warnings/errors when parsing an .obs file
; - `openttd -S <name>` starts OpenTTD with the given set (case sensitive)
; - adding `soundsset = <name>` to the misc section of openttd.cfg makes
;   OpenTTD start with that sound set by default
; - there is a command line tool for all platforms called md5sum that can
;   create the MD5 checksum you need.
; - all files specified in this file are search relatively to the path where
;   this file is found, i.e. if the sound files are in a subdir you have
;   to add that subdir to the names in this file to! It will NOT search for
;   a file named like specified in here.

; the name of the pack, preferably less than 16 characters
name         = example
; the short name (4 characters), used to identify this set
shortname    = XMPL
; the version of this sound set (read as single integer)
version      = 0
; a fairly short description of the set
; By adding '.<iso code>' you can translate the description.
; Note that OpenTTD first tries the full ISO code, then the first
; two characters and then uses the fallback (no '.<iso code>').
; The ISO code matching is case sensitive!
; So en_US will be used for en_GB if no en_GB translation is added.
; As a result the below example has 'howdie' for en_US and en_GB but
; 'foo' for all other languages.
description  = foo
description.en_US = howdie

; The files section lists the files that replace sprites.
; The file names are case sensitive.
; The file with the samples. Must contain exactly 73 samples.
samples      = SAMPLES.CAT

; The md5s section lists the MD5 checksum for the files that replace them.
; Note that the list of files is case sensitive. Each file listed in the
; files section must be listed here with it's MD5 checksum, otherwise you
; will get a lot of warnings when starting OpenTTD.
SAMPLES.CAT  = 422ea3dd074d2859bb51639a6e0e85da

; The origin section provides the possibility to put and extra line into
; the warning that a file is missing/corrupt. This can be used to tell
; them where to find it. It works on the filename specified in the
; files section and if that is not found it will fall back to the default
; as shown below here.
default      = You can find it on your Transport Tycoon Deluxe CD-ROM.
SAMPLES.CAT  = You can find it also on your Transport Tycoon Deluxe CD-ROM.