Gcode Object Model (GOM)

The Gcode Object Model (GOM) (http://www.cncsoftwaretools.com) is a stand-alone library written in Java which is designed to parse a GCode text file and produce an object model of the file.
It is a file library designed to make the information stored in the file easily accessible, can be incorporated in many external programs, and can be easily
modified and improved as a seperate entity to the external programs using it.

  • Creates objects from the Gcode lines, words and other elements, making its information easier to use
  • Reduces coupling between this parser and the projects that use it
  • Released as an open source project under GPLv2 so that anyone can use and modify the code
  • Written in Java but could be rewritten in C for lower level applications


GOM source is available via bitbucket @ https://bitbucket.org/daedelus1982/gom.
The source can be cloned if you have Mercurial installed via...

hg clone https://daedelus1982@bitbucket.org/daedelus1982/gom

or using Tortoisehg etc. with the same URL.

This is a Mavenised project so you should just need to run...

mvn tests

to run all the tests as long as Maven is installed.

To install GOM for use in other applications type...

mvn install

to build and copy the jar to your repository, and add a dependency to the applications pom.xml...


adjusting the version as necessary.


Please look at the tests for full usage examples.