This is a plugin for generating sitemap.xml file (see ) for search engines. Also this plugin can generate a visual representation of this file (for sitemap section of your site).

How to use it

You need to write configuration file sitemap.yml and place it in config directory. This file describes your site structure.

Here is example of this configuration file

      # Item name
        # single page item type
        type: url
        # this title is used when generating visual representation of sitemap
        title: Main
        # Name of rooute to item
        route: homepage
        # You can use URL instead of route name like this
        # url: /something/here (You can use relative & absolute URLs)

        # Here are some optional parameters for item

        # You can set change frequency for item
        # possible values are: always, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, never
        change_frequency: daily

        # You can set item priority (see
        priority: 0.7

        # You can set last modified date for item
        last_modified: 2010-12-22

      # Section (URLs collection) configuration example
      # Sections have same parameters which single items have
      # They are applied to all items in section
        # Setting section type
        type: section
        # Provider is a class which retrieves URLs for section
        provider: SitemapSectionProviderBlog
        # All other parameters are the same as for single page item
        title: Blog
        route: blog

There are 2 two types of sitemap items - single page & section (URLs collection). For single page item you should set type to url, title and route to page route name or url to page url (relative or absolute)

You can also set some addtional parameters for item: change_frequency, priority and last_modified. See sitemap protocol documentation for details about these parameters.

Section item is a URLs collection. It has all parameters that single page item has. In addition to these parameters you must set provider parameter to urls provider class name.

URL Providers

URL provider is a class responsible for generating URLs for section item.

!TODO: Write detailed info about providers & how to write custom providers

Sitemap HTML representation styling

TODO: Write about sitemap html styling