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The "Suds" web services client is a lightweight soap-based client for python the is licensed under LGPL.

For details, visit:

Changes from original suds:

  • Added capability to specify attributes of method during call -- '_'-prefixed params
  • Added windows ntlm authentication handler. Depends on python-ntlm package
  • Added charset=utf-8 to default Content-Type http header
  • Allow to <choice/> elements act as params
  • Added params check while method execution
  • Added <Fault/> with http 200 status workaround
  • Added auto service generation if no one exists in Exchange's WSDL
  • Remove xsi:type attibute from param's root element
  • Added simple server for handling EWS push notifications

Recent activity

Stefan Richter

Commits by Stefan Richter were pushed to daevaorn/suds-ews

758db4a - for some types adding base type information and using it for the EWS types Path and SearchExpression
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