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add eclispe project artifacts
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remove socket import; update changelog 0.3.7 notes
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License as LGPL
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Replace xlstr class in with sax.text.Text. Updated Element and Attributes classes in sax to use the Text class for text/value content. The Text class tracks XML encoding (state) and language. This was primarily done because the xml.sax parser is decoding XML encoded strings and the Element.getText() was decoding twice. Also, fix makefile to publish epydocs correctly.
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0.3.7 GA release
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Replace with __version__ and __build__ and fix, specfile and to match. The name (properties) was in conflict with the new module. Fixed various epydocs.
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added setup.cfg for missing .pyo problem when building rpms with python 2.4.
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Another fixes


The "Suds" web services client is a lightweight soap-based client for python the is licensed under LGPL.

For details, visit:

Changes from original suds:

  • Added capability to specify attributes of method during call -- '_'-prefixed params
  • Added windows ntlm authentication handler. Depends on python-ntlm package
  • Added charset=utf-8 to default Content-Type http header
  • Allow to <choice/> elements act as params
  • Added params check while method execution
  • Added <Fault/> with http 200 status workaround
  • Added auto service generation if no one exists in Exchange's WSDL
  • Remove xsi:type attibute from param's root element
  • Added simple server for handling EWS push notifications