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Export counting primes and nthPrime

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+-- |
+-- Module:      Math.NumberTheory.Primes.Counting
+-- Copyright:   (c) 2011 Daniel Fischer
+-- Licence:     MIT
+-- Maintainer:  Daniel Fischer <daniel.is.fischer@googlemail.com>
+-- Stability:   Provisional
+-- Portability: non-portable
+-- Number of primes not exceeding @n@, @&#960;(n)@, and @n@-th prime; also fast, but
+-- reasonably accurate approximations to these.
+module Math.NumberTheory.Primes.Counting
+    ( -- * Exact functions
+      primeCount
+    , nthPrime
+      -- * Approximations
+    , approxPrimeCount
+    , nthPrimeApprox
+    ) where
+import Math.NumberTheory.Primes.Counting.Impl
+import Math.NumberTheory.Primes.Counting.Approximate
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