Nicolas Pouillard avatar Nicolas Pouillard committed 4da3c68

Data.Text.Lazy.splitWith: Make the matching exhaustive.

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   where comb acc (s:[]) Empty        = revChunks (s:acc) : []
         comb acc (s:[]) (Chunk t ts) = comb (s:acc) (T.splitWith p t) ts
         comb acc (s:ss) ts           = revChunks (s:acc) : comb [] ss ts
+        comb _   []     _            = impossibleError "splitWith"
 {-# INLINE splitWith #-}
 -- | /O(n)/ Breaks a 'Text' up into a list of 'Text's at
 emptyError :: String -> a
 emptyError fun = P.error ("Data.Text.Lazy." ++ fun ++ ": empty input")
+impossibleError :: String -> a
+impossibleError fun = P.error ("Data.Text.Lazy." ++ fun ++ ": impossible case")
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