To get the decoupled-search code simply clone the repository.

The following heuristics/search engines are adapted for decoupled search:

blind, hmax, add, lmcut, ff astar, eager_greedy, lazy_wastar, lazy_greedy

To run decoupled search, add the command line option --decoupling "profile(options)"

where profile can be any of {fork, ifork, xshape}

available options: search_type = {fra, [sda], asda, sat} where the first three correspond to different types of optimal search maximize_mobility = {true, [false]} maximize leaf-mobility max_leaf_size of type int; 0 => no bound on leaf size; default is 2^32. where leaf size is the product of domain sizes

you can also use partial-order reduction in decoupled search via: [..] --search "astar(some_heuristic, partial_order_reduction=simple_stubborn_sets(precond_choice=decoupled, ignore_leaf_interference=true))"