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Distribute/setuptools/distutils command for Bitbucket. You can use Bitbucket downloads instead of PyPI downloads for release.

To use this, follow the instruction.


First of all your software must be packaged within the standard distribution way: use distutils, Distribute or setuptools. This package contains an extension command for that.

Then, add this package into setup_requires parameter of your setup() configuration (of script):

      setup_requires=['bitbucket-distutils >= 0.1.2'])

Now there will be the overwritten upload command for your

$ python upload --help
Common commands: (see '--help-commands' for more)


Options for 'upload' command:
  --bb-repository (-R)  Bitbucket repository name e.g. user/reponame
  --bb-username (-u)    Bitbucket username
  --bb-password (-p)    Bitbucket password


As you can see there are --bb--prefixed options for the command. If -u/--bb-username and --p/--bb-password are not present, it shows the prompt. -R/--bb-repository is required.


Upload is very easy:

$ python sdist upload -R user/reponame register

By explained:

Makes the source distribution file. If your package name is YourPackageName and its version is 1.2.3, and then its file name becomes YourPackageName-1.2.3.tar.gz.
upload -R user/reponame
Uploads the built source distribution file into your Bitbucket repository. It does not mean that it will be version-controlled, but it will be simply uploaded to its downloads page.
Using the Bitbucket download URL registers the package of this version into PyPI. The URL of PyPI page will be

Defaulting options

You can make default values for these options by specifying in the setup.cfg configuration file. For example, if you want to default --bb-repository, make setup.cfg file like (hyphens becomes underscores):

bb_repository = user/reponame

You can make a shorthand alias as well:

release = sdist upload register

Author and license

It is distributed under Public Domain. Just do what you want to do with this. Written by Hong Minhee.

You can checkout the source code from its Bitbucket Mercurial repository:

$ hg clone

If you found a bug, please report it to the issue tracker.

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