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Add gi_code to generators.

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 >>> type(i)
 <type 'generator'>
 >>> [s for s in dir(i) if not s.startswith('_')]
-['close', 'gi_frame', 'gi_running', 'next', 'send', 'throw']
+['close', 'gi_code', 'gi_frame', 'gi_running', 'next', 'send', 'throw']
 >>> print -> the next value, or raise StopIteration
 >>> iter(i) is i


     protected PyFrame gi_frame;
+    protected PyCode gi_code = null;
+    @ExposedGet
     protected boolean gi_running;
     private PyObject closure;
     public PyGenerator(PyFrame frame, PyObject closure) {
         gi_frame = frame;
+        if (gi_frame != null) {
+            gi_code = gi_frame.f_code;
+        }
         this.closure = closure;
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