Nico Nico Douga (ニコニコ動画) Comment Translator


You can install it using pip:

$ pip install niconico-translator

Aliasing to localhost

To make the translator to intercept comments from Nico Nico comment server, you have to alias Nico Nico comment server domains (, to your localhost ( Open your hosts file using text editor (you probably need administrator permission), and then add the following line:

Proxy server

The translator behaves as a proxy server, so it has to be running while you watch Nico Nico videos. You can invoke the proxy server using CLI (you probably need administrator permission to listen 80 port):

$ niconico-translator

You can terminate the server by pressing Ctrl-C.

It can optionally take the target language which is a two-letter e.g. en, ko:

$ niconico-translator --language ko

Advanced use

If you have a WSGI fetish, you can utilize it as a WSGI application. It's actually an ordinary WSGI application, you can serve it using your favorite WSGI server e.g. Gunicorn:

$ gunicorn "niconico_translator:App('en')"

Every instance of niconico_translator.App implements __call__() method, which is a WSGI application.

Open source

It's written by Hong Minhee, and distributed under AGPLv3. You can find the source code from the repository (hg):

$ hg clone

Please report bugs to the issue tracker if you find. Pull requests welcome!