Jeffrey Arnold avatar Jeffrey Arnold committed 19027a5

SLexer: updated operators, punctuation, and keywords

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             (r'`.+`', String.Backtick),
         'punctuation': [
-            (r'\[|\]|\[\[|\]\]|\$|\(|\)|@|:::?|;|,', Punctuation),
+            (r'\[{1,2}|\]{1,2}|\(|\)|;|,', Punctuation),
         'keywords': [
-            (r'for(?=\s*\()|while(?=\s*\()|if(?=\s*\()|(?<=\s)else|'
-             r'(?<=\s)break(?=;|$)|return(?=\s*\()|function(?=\s*\()',
+            (r'(if|else|for|while|repeat|in|next|break|return|switch|function)'
+             r'(?![0-9a-zA-Z\._])'
         'operators': [
-            (r'<-|-|==|<=|>=|<|>|&&|&|!=|\|\|?', Operator),
-            (r'\*|\+|\^|/|%[^%]*%|=', Operator)
+            (r'<<?-|->>?|-|==|<=|>=|<|>|&&?|!=|\|\|?', Operator),
+            (r'\*|\+|\^|/|!|%[^%]*%|=|~|\$|@|:{1,3}', Operator)
         'builtin_symbols': [
-             r'TRUE|FALSE|NaN|\.{3})\b', Keyword.Constant),
+             r'Inf|TRUE|FALSE|NaN|\.\.(\.|[0-9]+))'
+             r'(?![0-9a-zA-Z\._])',
+             Keyword.Constant),
             (r'(T|F)\b', Keyword.Variable),
         'numbers': [
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