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    If your webapp is powered by Flask_? See :mod:`sphinxcontrib.autohttp.flask`
-In order to use it, add :mod:`sphinxcontrib.httpdomain` into
-:data:`extensions` list of your Sphinx configuration file (:file:``)::
+In order to use it, install it through :program:`pip` or :program:`easy_install`
+(see PyPI_) and then add :mod:`sphinxcontrib.httpdomain` into :data:`extensions`
+list of your Sphinx configuration file (:file:``):
-    extensions = ['sphinxcontrib.httpdomain']
+.. sourcecode:: console
+   $ easy_install sphinxcontrib-httpdomain
+.. sourcecode:: python
+   extensions = ['sphinxcontrib.httpdomain']
+.. _PyPI:
 Basic usage