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Mark Story  committed c7524e7

Updating documentation to include interfaces.
Updating setup.py and setup.cfg.
Updating changelog for new point release.

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+* Fixed issues with global functions getting nested inside classes that preceded them.
+* Fixed static methods being omitted from the index.
+* Interface support added (thanks heavenshell).

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    This directive declares a new Exception in the current namespace. The 
    signature can include constructor arguments.
+.. rst:directive:: .. php:interface:: name
+   Describe an interface.  Methods and constants belonging to the interface 
+   should follow or be nested inside this directive.
 .. rst:directive:: .. php:class:: name
    Describes a class.  Methods, attributes, and constants belonging to the class
 .. rst:role:: php:exc
    Reference an exception.  A namespaced name may be used.
+.. rst:role:: php:interface
+   Reference an interface.  A namespaced name may be used.

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-tag_build = dev
-tag_date = true
+tag_build = 
+tag_date = false
 release = egg_info -RDb ''

File phpdomain/setup.py

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-    version='0.1.2',
+    version='0.1.3',