Companions won't follow you into the elevator in E4M2A

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Former user created an issue

After reaching the upper floor and flipping the switch to open the door to the port, the companions suddenly respawn next to you, while there's an elevator to go down they absolutely refuse to get inside, making the level unbeatable. Speaking of that, the steel door for the elevator (not the grate one) won't open ever again once it gets closed

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  1. Frank Sapone

    What skill level? What operating system (include 32-bit or 64-bit)? What version of Daikatana (verify by typing /version into console)? Is it fully up-to date, including pak6.pak? If you are using the auto-updater either in-game or the external utility it should be fine.

    Let me know, then I will test it with the same settings and verify the behaviour. I haven't played SP in a few months so it's possible some of the new changes we did for map fixes broke something down the line.

  2. Frank Sapone

    I just tested and I can't reproduce. With that said, I'm going to have a few other people see if they can trigger it. Which way did you enter the upper floor? There's more than one way maybe that had something to do with it.

    I also noticed what you said about the door. However, there is a call button to the left of that door. Press it and the elevator will return in about 5-10 seconds and the door will open then.

  3. Frank Sapone

    No response from user. Tested on my end and Knightmare also mentioned that it's likely you are using older pak6.pak. Run the auto-updater. If it's still a problem, reopen, but this time with an email please.

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