Display trade hub distances by default from k-space systems

Issue #151 on hold
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This will involve the development of a UI which shows and lets the user set destinations of various trade hubs. A possible improvement on that would be the option for the list of systems to come from a user created list.

I'll have a look at how this might be displayed without making Tripwire look too busy. From there we can see how much work would be involved in coding it

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  1. Dale Everett

    This is exciting as it's almost always something we do with a HS. Maybe providing it through a toggle that will add the "list" of systems as gates from the selected known-space system. This could then be further improved by having a number sitting where the gate connection line intersects with the connecting system that says how many jumps away that is (always assuming shortest path). This could be applied to any use of the GATE wormhole type functionality to provide jump distance for any point-to-point.

    More complex than needed? Seems like a nice QoL improvement.

  2. normanrichards

    I do this now by setting the trade hubs as favorites and using the "add favorite systems" to chain when I want to see it. Rather than having a bunch of special UI for tradehubs, this should be some sort of mechanism to have multiple favorite sets.

    An idea I've been tossing around in my head is instead of just being able to tag "favorite" (or the red/yellow/green flare), allow user-defined tags to be associated with systems. (wormholes and k-space) Then the show in chain function could be extended to showing by tag.

    Default tags like "trade hub" and regional tags would let you solve problems like:

    • where's the nearest trade hub
    • how quickly can I get to <insert NS region with a tackled titan>
    • am I near one of my mission systems
    • How far am I from bombers bar/spectre/whatever formup
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