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SIMBL plugin installation/uninstallation doesn't work due to insufficient permission

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I'm not sure if this is a Mountain Lion issue, or if I'm just unlucky, but the main plugin installation slider in the Appearance tab of Lion Scrollbars doesn't work.

If I click it, it properly asks me "Install plugin? This will enable the SIMBL-based scroller plugin; running applications will not be affected until they are restarted." If I click "Install" the slider goes right back to Off with no explanation and the plugin is not installed. The console log has the answer:

2012-08-04 3:25:56.380 PM LionScrollbars[47731]: Copying: /Applications/LionScrollbars.app/Contents/Resources/LionScrollbarsSIMBLBundle.bundle To: /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins 2012-08-04 3:25:56.381 PM LionScrollbars[47731]: Cannot make directory /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/LionScrollbarsSIMBLBundle.bundle: Permission denied 2012-08-04 3:25:56.381 PM LionScrollbars[47731]: “LionScrollbarsSIMBLBundle.bundle” couldn’t be copied because you don’t have permission to access “Plugins”.

If I manually copy /Applications/LionScrollbars.app/Contents/Resources/LionScrollbarsSIMBLBundle.bundle to /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/LionScrollbarsSIMBLBundle.bundle in the Finder, the Finder asks me for my administrator password, and then the plugin is then installed and seems to work.

If I then re-open Lion Scrollbars.app it shows the slider in the On position. If I click it, it asks "Uninstall plugin? This will disable the SIMBL-based scroller plugin; the plugin will continue to function in running applications until they are restarted." But clicking "Uninstall" does nothing but log the following to the console:

2012-08-04 3:22:47.801 PM LionScrollbars[47731]: Removing: /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/LionScrollbarsSIMBLBundle.bundle 2012-08-04 3:22:47.803 PM LionScrollbars[47731]: “LionScrollbarsSIMBLBundle.bundle” couldn’t be removed because you don’t have permission to access it.

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  1. Dain Kaplan repo owner

    Thank you for the details. Likely 10.8 has added security over 10.7 that prevents the program from reading/writing to /Library/ (wasn't an issue on 10.7 to my knowledge). Sorry to disappoint, but I won't be able to test until I upgrade myself. If it's fixable I will post a new version and update this issue at that time.

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