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Welcome to Warzone 2100 on MacOS X.  To install the game, simply drag
the Warzone application bundle icon from the mounted disk image to a
location on your hard drive.  You can then eject and throw away the
disk image.  To run the game, simply double-click the Warzone icon
on your hard drive.

When you run the program, it will create a directory named 'Warzone 2100'
in your personal Application Support directory.  You can control settings
such as the screen resolution by editing the 'config' file within that

The setting to change the screen resolution is 'resolution=<setting>'.
To switch between windows mode and fullscreen mode, find the line
that begins with 'fullscreen=' and change its value between '0' and '1'.

This program is distributed as a self-contained application bundle.
It should run without requiring any additional software on MacOS X
10.5 "Leopard" on either PowerPC or Intel systems.

Please contact the Warzone Resurrection at if
you have any problems with this software.