USFDIS - A LaTeX dissertation class for USF

This is a LaTeX dissertation class that aims to comply with the
formatting requirements of the University of South Florida.

Please keep in mind that the official guidelines refer only to MS Word
and in some cases they are vague and open to interpretation. At least
that was the situation in 2009 when this class was developed. This
means that there is no way to make sure that a certain class file
complies with requirements.

If you use it and make modifications please let me know so I can
update it.


In this repository I also include three older classes. Although they are
probably outdated by now, they might still be useful. They are stored
in the following directories:

  • Sperandio: Created by John C. Sperandio and extended by Himanshu
    Gohel in 2000.
  • Gage: A modified class file by Jennifer Gage that was consistent
    with the MSc 2004 guidelines.
  • Kephart: Developed in the Mathematics Department by David Kephart.
    The website is still
    available and here I have v.2.2b from May 2006.