This is OneHandSynth, a musical instrument for tablets running Android 2.2 or higher.
Read more in doc/oh-synth.html. The java sourcecode is under the Apache license.
Current version is from 11/11/2011.

For compiling and creating an android apk file you need to have installed java as well
as an Android development environment. The Eclipse IDE is not needed.
If you managed to compile one or more examples from the Android SDK, then everything
should be okay.

From this directory issue command:
  ant debug

If ant did'nt complain, then you can connect a tablet to your computer via USB. Its
device id should have been listed in ~/.android/adb_usb.ini. Then:

  adb -d install -r bin/OH_Synth-debug.apk

and you're done.

Please report any problems to me, and also how your specific tablet behaves with
respect to touchscreen- and audio latency. Notice that one of OneHandSynth's keyboards
only can be operated if your touchscreen supports at least 4 fingers.

This version contains a Bluetooth interface, mainly to enable a convincing presentation
on Youtube. You can disable this feature by setting enable_bt=false in

OneHandSynth is also available from the Android Market (could be an older version).

Happy noises!