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Update missed in previous commit

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         for (s=0; s<=1; s++)
           if (iga->proc_ranks[i] == (!s?0:iga->proc_sizes[i]-1)) {
             atbnd[i][s] = PETSC_TRUE;
-            count[i][s] = iga->boundary[i][s]->count;
-            field[i][s] = iga->boundary[i][s]->field;
+            count[i][s] = iga->form->value[i][s]->count;
+            field[i][s] = iga->form->value[i][s]->field;
     ierr = ComputeBDDCBoundary(dim,dof,shape,atbnd,count,field,&nd,&id,&nn,&in);CHKERRQ(ierr);
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