PetIGA / src / makefile

#requiresdefine   'PETSC_HAVE_FORTRAN'

ALL: lib

#CFLAGS_STD_C89 = -std=c89 -Dinline=__inline -Wno-long-long
#CFLAGS_STD_C99 = -std=c99
#CFLAGS_STD_C11 = -std=c11
#CFLAGS = ${CFLAGS_STD} -pedantic -Wall -Wextra -Wno-unused-parameter -Wconversion -Wno-sign-conversion

#FFLAGS_STD_F03 = -std=f2003
#FFLAGS_STD_F08 = -std=f2008
#FFLAGS_STD_F08 = -std=f2008ts
#FFLAGS = ${FFLAGS_STD} -pedantic -Wall -Wextra -Wimplicit-interface -g3 -fcheck=all -fbacktrace

SOURCEH  = ../include/petiga.h petigabl.h petigagrid.h petigapart.h
SOURCEC  = petiga.c petigareg.c petigaaxis.c petigarule.c petigabasis.c petigabound.c petigaelem.c petigapoint.c petigavec.c petigamat.c petigascl.c petigapcb.c petigapce.c petigapc.c petigaksp.c petigasnes.c petigats.c petigats2.c petigaio.c petigagrid.c petigapart.c snesfdcolor.c tsalpha2.c
SOURCEF1 = petigaftn.F90 petigaval.F90
SOURCEF2 = petigabsp.f90 petigaqdr.f90 petiga1d.f90 petiga2d.f90 petiga3d.f90
OBJSC    = ${SOURCEC:.c=.o}
OBJSF    = ${SOURCEF1:.F90=.o} ${SOURCEF2:.f90=.o}

LIBBASE  = libpetiga
DIRS     =
LOCDIR   = src/

include ${PETIGA_DIR}/conf/petigavariables
include ${PETIGA_DIR}/conf/petigarules
include ${PETIGA_DIR}/conf/petigatest

OBJSC    = ${SOURCEC:.c=.o}
OBJSF    = ${SOURCEF1:.F90=.o} ${SOURCEF2:.f90=.o}
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