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Over the curse of the time I have been playing the game, I have noticed a few game play issues that occur quite frequently and a couple things that could be improved for a better user experience.

  1. Not many buildings are explained or have a clear function. Users are not taught how to use these buildings and must find their functions and uses themselves. For example, after the second career map, the game lets you choose whether to go on a military conquest or manage a peaceful province. Regardless of choice, you unlock many new buildings, most of which are necessary for a happy and successful city. The user is not told how to utilize the buildings.

  2. Gods effects are unclear and bugged. While the god feature may not be done, they still play a role. The only two gods that seem to have an effect are Venus and Mars. Venus makes citizens unhappy and Mars brings war to your city. The other gods can become unhappy and send their effects, but they don't seem to do anything (Correct me if i'm wrong). For example, Neptune, if unhappy, will "conjure up a small storm." This storm has no effect. Another feature of gods is how many temples they need and their jealousy of each other. Regardless of how many temples you have, and regardless of whether they all have an equal number of temples to each other, the gods still get angry, sometimes before you even start building your city. This is annoying and hinders your cities growth.

  3. The game doesn't explain how to fix issues that limit or prevent immigration. Some of these are obvious, such as "War is preventing immigration!" However, some of these don't make sense and don't have obvious solutions if any solutions. "Lack of much low level housing prevents immigration," makes no sense and is a constant problem. I can have houses of many levels from Mansions to Tents and this message still pops up.

  4. Random house devolution's. Despite having everything they need for their current level sometimes houses will randomly devolve back down to tent level and cause people to leave. There is no explanation and the houses will return to normal eventually, but long after the damage to population is caused.

  5. The tutorial could be redesigned. As it currently stands, the first two scenarios in the campaign act as a tutorial. While they do well enough on basic features such as markets, housing, maintenance of buildings, and water resources. they do not explain other things very well or at all. These include warehouses, the function of certain government buildings, and other features.

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