Andrew Dalke avatar Andrew Dalke committed a98ecf6

Changed the version number to 1.1

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-           FMCS 1.0 - Find Maximum Common Substructure
+           FMCS 1.1 - Find Maximum Common Substructure
 Find the MCS of a group (or cluster) of chemical structures and report
 the result as a SMARTS string. It depends on RDKit cheminformatics
 in C++ would have different tradeoffs.
-__version__ = "1.0"
-__version_info = (1, 0, 0)
+__version__ = "1.1"
+__version_info = (1, 1, 0)
 import sys
 from distutils.core import setup
-      version="1.0",
+      version="1.1a1",
       description="Find a maximum common substructure from a set of structures using RDKit",
       author="Andrew Dalke",
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