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PLOTS: ADD: plots for generic one-answer questions

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 pdf("results/plots/feedback_charts.pdf", paper="a4r", width=1200, height=800, title="Leipzig workshop feedback 2012")
+generic_questions_plot = list (theme_bw(),
+        geom_bar(aes(x=answer)),
+        facet_wrap(~question, scales='free'), 
+        opts(axis.text.x=theme_text(angle=0, hjust=0.5, vjust=1 ))
+        )
 barchart_plot = list (theme_bw(),
         scale_x_discrete("Student (Timestamp of when the feedback form was filled)")
+# Generic questions
+plot_title = "Generic questions"
+feedback.overall <- subset(feedback, select=c(1, 4:6, 8, 9, 86:90, 94, 98, 102))
+feedback.overall.long <- melt(feedback.overall, id.vars="Timestamp")
+feedback.overall.long <- feedback.overall.long[complete.cases(feedback.overall.long),]
+feedback.overall.long$question <- gsub("(\\w*\\.\\w*\\.\\w*\\.\\w*\\.\\w*\\.\\w*)\\.", "\\1\n", feedback.overall.long$variable, perl=T)
+feedback.overall.long$question <- gsub("\\.", " ", feedback.overall.long$question, perl=T)
+feedback.overall.long$answer <- gsub("([\\w()']*\\s[\\w()']*)\\s", "\\1\n", feedback.overall.long$value, perl=T)
+feedback.overall.long$answer <- gsub("\\.", " ", feedback.overall.long$answer, perl=T)
+ggplot(data=feedback.overall.long) + generic_questions_plot + opts(title=plot_title)
 # Quality of the lecture
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