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MINOR: comment explaining why "I dont know" answers are removed from relevancy plots

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File src/plot_evaluations.R

 plot_labels = rev(c("Very relevant/Yes", "Relevant", "Probably", "Probably not/No", "I don't know"))
 feedback.relevance.long$answer <- factor(feedback.relevance.long$answer, levels=plot_labels)
 qplot(answer, data=feedback.relevance.long, fill=answer, main=plot_title) + barchart_plot
+# FIX: "I don't know" answers should not be included in the violin plots, or at least they should be colored differently. Otherwise, it seems that a "I don't know" answer is better or worst than the other answers. 
 feedback.relevance.long.noIdontknow = subset(feedback.relevance.long, answer != "I don't know")
 ggplot(data=feedback.relevance.long.noIdontknow, main=plot_title) + violin_plot + scale_y_continuous("answer", breaks=1:length(plot_labels), labels=plot_labels) + opts(title=plot_title)
 ggplot(data=feedback.relevance.long) + student_violin_plot + scale_y_continuous("answer", breaks=1:length(plot_labels), labels=plot_labels) + opts(title="Distribution of answers by student (Relevancy of Lectures)")