Giovanni Marco Dall'Olio committed 095dbb4

PIES: fighting (unsuccessfully) for pie charts

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         opts(axis.text.x=theme_text(angle=45, hjust=1, vjust=1 )),
 #        opts(axis.text.x=theme_text(angle=90, hjust=0.4 )),
 #        coord_polar(theta='y'),
-        scale_x_discrete("answer"),
-        coord_polar(theta="y") 
+        scale_x_discrete("answer")
 #        coord_polar() 
 plot_labels = rev(c("Too long", "Just right", "Too short"))
 feedback.length.long$answer <- factor(feedback.length.long$value, levels=plot_labels)
 qplot(data=feedback.length.long, fill=answer, x=answer, main=paste(plot_title, "(Bar charts)")) + barchart_plot
-qplot(data=feedback.length.long, x=answer, stat="bin", fill=answer, main=paste(plot_title, "(Pie charts)")) + pie_plot
+ggplot(data=feedback.length.long, aes(x=answer, fill=factor(answer)), main=paste(plot_title, "(Pie charts)")) + pie_plot + coord_polar(theta="y")
 ggplot(data=feedback.length.long) + violin_plot + scale_y_continuous("answer", breaks=1:length(plot_labels), labels=plot_labels) + ggtitle(paste(plot_title, "(Violin plots)"))
 ggplot(data=feedback.length.long) + student_barchart_plot + ggtitle("Distribution of answers by student (Length of Lectures and Talks)")
 ggplot(data=feedback.length.long) + student_violin_plot + scale_y_continuous("answer", breaks=1:length(plot_labels), labels=plot_labels) + ggtitle("Distribution of answers by student (Length of Lectures and Talks)")
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