Connected Windows Store App Samples

This is a set of samples I showed during by session on Building Connected Apps for Windows Store at NT conference 2013. It consists of six projects:

  • RssReader is a simple RSS reader app based on Grid App project template using SydicationClient API.
  • WcfClient references a WCF web service and calls asynchronous methods on the generated proxy.
  • WebService is a helper project implementing the web service referenced by WcfClient project.
  • OAuthClient implements OAuth authentication with Google services and calls one of its APIs.
  • ODataClient references StackOverflow OData feed and calls a simple query on it.
  • BackgroundTransfers uses BackgroundDownloader to download a longer file and includes a progress report.


For the solution to compile you need the following installed:

NuGet package restore also requires explicit consent from the user to download the missing packages.