ReBuild 2012 Windows 8 Session Sample Application

This is the sample application for my Windows 8 session at ReBuild 2012.

Branches represent steps in the development of the application in the order I presented them during the talk. Each of them introduces a single feature.

  • 1-AsynchronousMethods demonstrates the use of asynchronous methods for loading data over network.
  • 2-ApplicationLifecycle includes the necessary changes to make activation after suspension and shutdown work for all pages.
  • 3-SettingsCharm adds options and and a link to privacy policy to the settings charm.
  • 4-ShareCharm implements a simple share source.

The best way to take a closer look at individual branches is to make a local clone of the repository and switch to the branch you are interested in. If you don't have a Git client installed you can download the source for each of the branches if you click on the Download link and then switch to the Branches tab.


NuGet package restore requires explicit consent from the user to download the missing packages.