Ali Gholami Rudi  committed 16bad14

pycore: rename import_dynamic_stdmods to import_dynload_stdmods

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File rope/base/

     prefs['extension_modules'] = []
     # Add all standard c-extensions to extension_modules list.
-    prefs['import_dynamic_stdmods'] = True
+    prefs['import_dynload_stdmods'] = True
     # If `True` modules with syntax errors are considered to be empty.
     # The default value is `False`; When `False` syntax errors raise

File rope/base/

     def extension_modules(self):
         result = set(self.project.prefs.get('extension_modules', []))
-        if self.project.prefs.get('import_dynamic_stdmods', False):
+        if self.project.prefs.get('import_dynload_stdmods', False):
         return result