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ropeide: fixed edit_dot_ropeide action

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 ``2.4`` and currently rope requires Python ``2.5``.
-.. _pymacs:
 * Using as a library: `library.txt`_
 * Contributing: `contributing.txt`_
-.. _`contributing.txt`: contributing.html
-.. _`library.txt`: library.html
-.. _overview.txt: overview.html
-.. _screenshots: screenshots/screenshots.html
 .. _`rope-dev (at)`:
 .. _pysvn:
 .. _Mercurial:
+.. _`contributing.txt`: contributing.html
+.. _`library.txt`: library.html
+.. _overview.txt: overview.html
+.. _screenshots: screenshots/screenshots.html
+.. _pymacs:


-# The default ~/.rope file for *rope*.
+# The default ~/.ropeide file for *ropeide*.
 # You can edit this file to change some of rope's preferences.  If
 # you like you can edit this file using rope itself.
-# (``edit_dot_rope`` in execute command or ``Edit ~/.rope`` in
-# ``Edit`` menu.)
+# (``edit_dot_ropeide`` in execute command or ``Edit ~/.ropeide``
+# in ``Edit`` menu.)
 # Note: Since this file is not inside a project you cannot perform
 #   refactorings on it.
     core.rebind_action('repeat_last_action', None)
     core.rebind_action('search_forward', 'C-f')
     core.rebind_action('search_backward', 'C-F')
-    core.rebind_action('edit_dot_rope', None)
+    core.rebind_action('edit_dot_ropeide', None)
     core.rebind_action('execute_command', None)
     # source actions


-def edit_dot_rope(context):
+def edit_dot_ropeide(context):
     resource = rope.base.project.get_no_project().get_resource(
-        os.path.expanduser('~%s.rope' % os.path.sep))
+        os.path.expanduser('~%s.ropeide' % os.path.sep))
     editor_manager = context.get_core().get_editor_manager()
     editor_manager.get_resource_editor(resource, mode='python')
 actions.append(SimpleAction('execute_command', execute_command, 'M-x',
                             MenuAddress(['Edit', 'Execute Command'], 'x', 4), ['all', 'none']))
-actions.append(SimpleAction('edit_dot_rope', edit_dot_rope, 'C-x c',
+actions.append(SimpleAction('edit_dot_ropeide', edit_dot_ropeide, 'C-x c',
                             MenuAddress(['Edit', 'Edit ~/.rope'], '.', 4), ['all', 'none']))
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