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some random import fixes

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File rope/base/

 import __builtin__
 import inspect
-from rope.base import pynames, pyobjects, evaluate
+import rope.base.evaluate
+from rope.base import pynames, pyobjects
 class BuiltinClass(pyobjects.AbstractClass):
         new_dict = context.get_pynames(['self', 'd'])[1]
         if new_dict and isinstance(new_dict.get_object().get_type(), Dict):
-            args = evaluate.ObjectArguments([new_dict])
+            args = rope.base.evaluate.ObjectArguments([new_dict])
             items = new_dict.get_object().get_attribute('popitem').\
         self.scope = scope
     def get_returned_object(self, args):
-        result = evaluate.get_statement_result(self.scope, self.node.body)
+        result = rope.base.evaluate.get_statement_result(self.scope,
+                                                         self.node.body)
         if result is not None:
             return result.get_object()
     if pyname is None:
         return None
     seq = pyname.get_object()
-    args = evaluate.ObjectArguments([pyname])
+    args = rope.base.evaluate.ObjectArguments([pyname])
     if '__iter__' in seq.get_attributes():
         iter = seq.get_attribute('__iter__').get_object().\

File rope/base/

 import rope.base.codeanalyze
 import rope.base.evaluate
+import rope.base.builtins
 import rope.base.oi.objectinfer
 import rope.base.pyscopes
 from rope.base import (defpynames as pynames, exceptions,
         'classmethod' strs.
-        import rope.base.evaluate
-        import rope.base.builtins
         scope = self.parent.get_scope()
         if isinstance(self.parent, PyClass):
             for decorator in self.get_ast().decorators:

File rope/base/

+import rope.base.exceptions
 import rope.base.pynames
-import rope.base.exceptions
 import rope.base.pyobjects
 from rope.base import ast, astutils, exceptions

File rope/base/oi/

-import rope.base
+import rope.base.builtins
+import rope.base.pynames
+import rope.base.pyobjects
 from rope.base import evaluate

File rope/base/oi/

 import rope.base.ast
+import rope.base.oi.objectinfer
+import rope.base.pynames
 from rope.base import pyobjects, evaluate, astutils

File rope/base/

 import rope.base.resourceobserver
 from rope.base import exceptions, taskhandle, prefs, history
 from rope.base.resources import File, Folder
-from rope.base.resourceobserver import (ResourceObserver,
-                                        FilteredResourceObserver)
+from rope.base.resourceobserver import *
 class _Project(object):

File rope/refactor/

 """This module can be used for finding similar code"""
 import re
-from rope.base import codeanalyze, evaluate, exceptions, pyobjects, ast
+from rope.base import codeanalyze, evaluate, exceptions, ast
 from rope.refactor import patchedast, sourceutils, occurrences