rope / docs / dev / todo.txt


* Extract superclass
* Collapse hierarchy
* Python C extensions
* Zip imports
* Pull up method
* Push down method
* Introduce redirection

> Public Release 0.8

* Handling the return type of ``yield`` keyword

* Extracting methods from pieces with only one return/yield statement

* Moving initialization to constructor in local variable to field

* Encapsulate field using properties

* Adding an option to remove old parameter in inline argument default

* Renaming similarly named variables

* Analyzing function decorators

* Extract class

* Supporting modules without source code

* Moving `staticmethod`\s

* Changing method to static method refactoring

* Enhanced occurrence finding

* Move refactoring and moving a group of elements together

* Removing files/folders

* Renaming and moving normal files/folders

* Generate ... and implicit interfaces

* Using `svn` instead of `pysvn`

* Generate method and class hierarchies

* Handling tuple parameters

* Lambdas as functions; consider their parameters

* Split tuple assignment refactoring

* An option to decide whether to use froms or normal imports for back

* Inlining a single occurrence
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