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     core-hello-world $ ./hello_world.native -h
     Hello World
-      hello_world.native 
+      hello_world.native
     === flags ===
     core-hello-world $ ./hello_world.native -hello "Goodbye" -world "Yellow Brick Road"
     Goodbye Yellow Brick Road!
+There's also a file called dot_ocamlinit, which will auto-load Core
+for you in the toplevel, if you do this:
+    $ cp dot_ocamlinit ~/.ocamlinit
+If you want to use the toplevel, you might want to try installing
+rlwrap to give you command-line editing, at which point you can run:
+    $ rlwrap ocaml
+and start using Core in the OCaml toplevel.

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+#use "topfind"
+#require "bin_prot.syntax"
+#require "sexplib.syntax"
+#require "variantslib.syntax"
+#require "fieldslib.syntax"
+#require "core"
+#require "core_extended"
+#require "async"
+open Core.Std