Trivial typo when vexed by a name (quite correctly) deemed unparsable

Issue #25 resolved
Steve Chapman
created an issue

"3-methanone(cyclopropyl)indole has no tokens unknown to OPSIN but does not conform to its grammar. From left to right it is unparsable due to the following being uninterpretable:(cyclopropyl)indole The following or which was not parseable: cyclopropyl)indole"

[Unparsable and vexatious name courtesy of Health Canada's Office of Controlled Substances and Creative Writing]

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  1. Daniel Lowe repo owner

    Thanks that's now fixed on the trunk. Parsing names to describe classes of chemical compound is always interesting. I guess they were thinking there's methanone at the 3 position... and also a cyclopropyl attached to this methanone. Something like 3-cyclopropanecarbonylindole would surely have been clearer though...

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