Deoxide and deoxido

Issue #45 resolved
Takayuki Kimura
created an issue

Hi, I used OPSIN to change IUPAC to SMILES and it worked well. Thank you. I noticed one thing. The program asked me to change 'oxidetetrahydro-' to 'oxidotetrahydro-' and this might be wrong. Thanks again.

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  1. Daniel Lowe repo owner

    Hi, this is correct and I think this is the explanation: In katakana oxide is typically written オキシド. As this ends in an 'o' sound, unfortunately exactly the same katakana is also used for oxido! [oxido is the substituent form of oxide]

    When katakana are translated to English the translation software needs to take into account the context: e.g. 1-(1,1-ジオキシドテトラヒドロ-3-チエニル)ピペラジン 1-(1,1-dioxidotetrahydro-3-thienyl)piperazine N-メチルモルホリン N-オキシド N-methylmorpholine N-oxide

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