HTML tag sparks existential question

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Steve Chapman
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An HTML italic tag embedded in a name consistently evokes this response:

//Problem retrieving server error message! Is this server running?


  • Works: (R)-chlorobromoiodomethane
  • Fails:(<i>R</i>) chlorobromoiodomethane

This is a trivial issue when the cause is recognized and corrected, but the error message is sufficiently distracting that I suspect some never get past it.

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  1. Daniel Lowe repo owner

    Thanks for the bug report. This seems to be an issue with the Chemistry department's proxy server's handling of the '/' character. I will looks into whether it can be fixed or worked around. Fortunately the only chemical names that I'm aware of that this affects are ones where (+/-) is used instead of (+-) or (±) as a chirality prefix.

  2. Steve Chapman reporter

    (Reply via

    Thanks Daniel, I agree it's tangential to your parser in several ways, but thought it worth mentioning in any case.

    By the way, OPSIN is one of the best tools I've ever used, and I use it a lot. It's also a wonderful way to test my understanding of IUPAC rules, and great fun given OPSIN's sometimes Zen-master like interpretations. I believe that's by design, to find meaning in a name rather than fault, yet the results so often lead me to question my own understanding, sometimes deeply. Always enlightening!

    Best wishes,

    /Steve Chapman

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