Add support for levulinyl

Issue #50 resolved
Noel O'Boyle
created an issue

Hi Daniel, I'm not sure if people are misusing this or not, but levulinyl is sometimes used in the context of "Levulinyl chloride" or as a substituent on sugars (e.g. 3-O-levulinyl). OPSIN is happy with "Levulinic acid" but the chloride gives: "Suffix: yl does not apply to the group it was associated with (type: acidStem) due to the group's subType: ylForNothing according to suffixApplicability.xml"

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  1. Daniel Lowe repo owner

    There's an ambiguity in traditional acid naming between those that behave like stearic acid and those that behave like acetic acid. i.e. is the yl form an alkyl or acyl substituent. Hence one has to be quite certain how the term is used in practice. It looks like in this case the yl consisently refers to the acyl form, so I've added support for it. Nonetheless I'd still recommend calling that substituent levulinoyl.

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