django-activitysync / README.rst

Django Activity Sync

Django-activitysync is an easy to use social activity aggregator for Django projects.

It can be used to store and display activity from a range of social networks (such as Twitter, Reddit, Google Reader, etc). Unlike other utilities for accessing and displaying activity, django-activitysync separates rendering from activity updating. All activity information is stored in the project's database using Django models, providing great performance for page requests. Updating activities happens through a Django management command, which can be automated by using a utility like cron.


  • Currently supports the following activity providers:

  • Providers are implemented using a simple, common interface, making it very easy to add support for additional networks


Dependencies that must be meet to use the application:


From pypi:

$ pip install django-activitysync


$ easy_install django-activitysync

or clone from Bitbucket:

$ hg clone

and add social_auth to PYTHONPATH:

$ export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:$(pwd)/django-activitysync/


$ cd django-activitysync
$ sudo python install


  • Add activitysync to PYTHONPATH and installed applications:

  • Add desired providers to ACTIVITYSYNC_PROVIDERS setting:

  • Setup provider settings (dependent on which providers are added). Settings required for built-in providers are:

    TWITTER_USERNAME        = ''
    REDDIT_USERNAME         = ''
    GOOGLEREADER_SHARED_RSS = '' # URL of your shared items RSS
    GOOGLEREADER_PUBLIC_URL = '' # URL to public page
  • Sync database to create needed models:

    ./manage syncdb

    or (if you have South installed):

    ./manage migrate activitysync