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Modified ReadMe.txt * Updated copyright date. * Updated documentation and links. Modified setup/Gow.nsi * Updated version to 0.5.0. * Set compression method to LZMA to make it a bit smaller.
Rewrote the gow.vbs file to accept multiple commands like a true command-line application. Added to the installer the capability to remove the older installations, added better debugging, added a feature which should allow Windows 7 installers to function and a couple more small tweaks. Modified bin/gow.vbs * Main: Takes the first argument and looks for the command-line switches. Prints out a message if there are errors. * PrintUsage: Prints out the full program usage. * Print: Prints out a command to the console. * Version: Returns the version number of the application. * ScriptPath: Returns the path of the gow.vbs VBS script. * ExecutablesList: Now uses the ScriptPath method…
Updated the readme with some better text, added the Gow license, improved the installer with the version number added in a couple places. Modified ReadMe.txt * Updated About section, added new Features & Benefits section, added feedback section and Added licenses/Gow-License.txt * Created new "licenses" directory and added the Gow MIT license. Rename licenses/GPL-License.txt(from GPL-License.txt) Rename licenses/NcFTP-License.txt(from NcFTP-License.txt) Rename licenses/Putty-License.txt(from Putty-License.txt) *…
Made a few changes to make the project ready for Github. There's still some work to do of course. Deleted ChangeLog.txt * This will be added as a wiki page on Github so we don't need it. Modified ReadMe.txt * Updated the description of the project. Modified setup/Gow.nsi * Updated the copyright information, version number to 0.3.0 * Configure: Fixed a hard-coded path.
Initial import of the code I developed back in 2006. Nothing has been changed since then. I'll be preparing it for import to Github soon.